Zombies are a vital part of DeadZ, but they might kill you, and for that reason, you must know how to kill them aswell.

The zombie's bodies are rotting and decaying forms, and can be noticed from long distances due to discoloration of the skin, awkward walking form, and seemingly mindless actions.

Zombies cannot climb ladders or walls. Barricading yourself inside a structure is one way to avoid them. But do note that they will start attacking those barricades until they break. Jumping on a truck may protect you, but the zombies will continue to try to attack you, and will attack you if they are close enough. If you jump on a car, the zombies will often be able to climb it or even attack you from the side of the vehicle.

Zombies sometimes lie down on the ground and will not react unless disturbed by a nearby sound. These sleeping zombies can often be very hard to detect if they are lying down in tall grass or on bugged terrain.

Zombies can walk, run, and can also walk up stairs. Zombies in DeadZ are looked upon to be the standard slow-mindless variant.

Killing a zombie.

In order to kill a Zombie, you must destroy their brain through melee or ranged attacks with weapons found around the game world. Body shots will only temporarily stutter their actions and reactions, but will hardly ever result in a kill. Zombies will die from a single headshot from a gun or crossbow, but if you hit the body of the zombie, it will attack you.

Zombies' senses

As everyone know, zombies have senses. They can see you, or they can hear you. If you look into the top right corner, you will see how detectable you are to zombies. Usually sprinting when you are at a "safe" distance from the zombies may instantly alert them, and they'll chase you.


This indicates how detectable you are.