Each player can have five different survivors to play as. When creating a survivor, you have to

  1. Specify a name
  2. Pick a character model
    • There is more than one character model to choose from.
    • It will be possible in the future to use experience points to unlock new models.
  3. Choose from one of two modes: Hardcore or Normal.
    • This decision is permanent and affects whether or not the survivor can be revived (as opposed to permanent death).

The first time a survivor spawns, they spawn with a hammer, a can of soda, some food, and 1x medkit, in small backpack. If revived and re-spawned, a Normal survivor will only spawn with an empty, small backpack. Survivor stats can be seen on the survivor select menu and include number of zombies killed, time survived, along with many other useful and otherwise entertaining numbers.

When you die, you have to wait 20 minutes until you can play on the same character again, unless you've created a character in hardcore mode, where you can never respawn again.